Renowned Tattoo Artist in Eastbourne

Mi Tattoo Studios is one of the most renowned tattoo and piercing studios in Eastbourne. We take great pride in achieving the best results possible, ensuring that we focus on your needs and exceed your expectations. Since the beginning we have been working tirelessly so that we can offer you an unrivalled service. We understand how difficult getting pierced or inked can be. We always pay close attention to detail so that you will never be disappointed with our service. We always work together with our clients to create the right tattoo for them. We have built our business on the foundations of high quality customer service,creativity, professionalism, and hygiene. Our skilled tattoo artists are more than happy to discuss your specifications and help you make the right decision about either a piercing or tattoo. They are always on hand to answer any questions you may have related to a tattoo or piercing. We currently have three resident tattoo artists and each of them have several years of experience so you can be confident that you’re in great hands. Mick, Dean and Jakob are our reliable tattoo artists along with a piercing specialist Delilah. Mick is atattoo artist who specialises in neo-traditional, colour work as well as new school tattoos, he is also highly skilled in dot and black & grey work. With 6 years’ experience in tattooing, Dean has gained valuable knowledge in creating highly professional animal portraits and black and grey work tattooing. Our other tattoo artist Jakob has been carrying his work in various fields such as graphic design, painting, curation and illustration. Being an experienced tattoo artist, he utilises his skills in creating glitch, abstract and Japanese tattoos. Our excellent piercing artist Delilah has built her career in body art and customization from a young age. We have worked really hard since our establishment to build a strong reputation with our clients across Eastbourne and its surrounding areas.

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